Inside the Silence.

Inside the Silence.

A couple of weeks ago Venny’s came out with a new concept called Silence 2.0. Here are some details of how this idea came about.

The ideas surrounding this concept were to use a video with a photo slide of the shoot portraying the concept of silence and audio quoting a text describing all the topics related to the concept, and thus using the photo slide with adding text in order to making it more simple.

The vibe at the shoot was calm, steady and melancholy at first. The environment was silent and the models weren’t responding to the welcoming and chilled atmosphere. The director assumed a relaxing state of mind to try to remain calm and focused as to help make the models feel more comfortable. So he took a seat at a small stall and started talking to them. They started laughing and asking for music and sound (which is a cool asset for a photoshoot altough the concept was Silence, and it did add a nice meaning to it), and so they became way more laid back. That is when he saw that the outcome and creative line of thought that he pictured for the photoshoot had come alive .

The concept of Silence 2.0

The script was completely different from the basic photoshoot because it completely messed it up. The director decided to name it the Loud Silence. The photos are so loud, expressive and atypical that he hoped that they would inspire a different view with more personal characteristics and a more expressive content.

Although the focus for the collection wasn’t only the Silence 2.0 T-shirt, the fact that the images are statically “photographed” moments that they can be used to portray sounds, feelings of joy and actual movement. These are the reasons, and line of thinking that director Elio Alexandre came up with for Loud Silence.


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